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Transporting the Tollund Man

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The Tollund Man was moved in a big wooden box. Extra large picture. More illustrations. © Niels Bach
The Tollund Man is sent to the National Museum of Denmark
The Tollund Man is sent to the
National Museum of Denmark.
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When the Tollund Man was to be moved from the place where he had been resting peacefully for more than 2000 years, a big box was built around him in order to provide the best possible protection of the body after its discovery.

It was the two brothers and people from Silkeborg Museum along with a couple of policemen who carried out the excavation. First they carefully dug away the dirt at a good distance from the body, leaving the Tollund Man resting on a square piece of elevated ground.

The next step in the excavation process was to place a big square box with no bottom around the elevated piece of ground. After that a bottom, consisting of single boards that were pushed through the soft peat one by one and attached to the sides of the box, was added. Finally the lid was put on the box. The Tollund Man was now resting on a thick layer of peat in his box without having been touched by anyone during the excavation process.

The newspapers followed the events closely
The newspapers followed
the events closely.
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At the time they were able to carry the box holding the Tollund Man - it weighed close to half a ton - to solid ground and put it on horse-drawn carriage. They took him to the train station in Moselund, from where the Tollund Man was transported by train to Copenhagen and arrived at the National Museum of Denmark.

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Newspaper clipping
Newspaper clipping.
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