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The Tollund Man moves - well, almost. A new website gives you the chance to watch videos about the life and death of the Tollund Man.

Monday November 8th, 2004 is the date when the Tollund Man moves into his second home - this time it is located in the virtual world

The event is celebrated at Silkeborg Museum where you will have the opportunity to take a look at the website and hear about the project behind it. In addition you can see - and almost touch - the real Tollund Man and taste a spoonful of his last meal. You can also take a look at other objects from the Iron Age as well as meet people dressed as they did when the Tollund Man was alive.

Chairman of Culture and Leisure in Silkeborg, Jørn Rye Rasmussen, will bid you welcome, and students from Funder Skole, who are going to use the website in connection with a workshop for creative writing, will also be among the people attending the opening.

The Contents of the Website

Among other things the website tells you what happened when the peat-diggers peat spades in 1950 came across the old man from the Iron Age in Bjældskovdal bog west of Silkeborg. It also tells you how the Tollund Man was transported to the National Museum in a wooden box to be excavated and preserved. You can also keep yourself up-to-date with the account of the many examinations the Tollund Man has gone through and the results of the examinations.

You can see and read about life at the time of the Tollund Man, the iron age, and find information about other bog bodies. All aspects are described with text, photos, illustrations and not least video snippets which play a significant role in making history come alive.

Several impressive illustrations used in order to dramatize the story of the Tollund Man are currently being prepared by the illustrator Niels Bach, and the full version of the website will subsequently be translated into English.

The Project behind the Website was developed as part of an exciting cultural heritage project as a collaboration between Silkeborg Museum, Amtscentret for Undervisning, Aarhus Amt and Silkeborg Public Library.

The website is aimed at the general public, tourists and the folkeskole, which will be a part of the project by participating in a workshop for creative writing.

The section "For Students" will eventually contain the results of a workshop for creative writing at Funder Skole, where writer of childrens books, Sally Altschuler and two classes - 7th grade - will attempt to visualize the life and death of the Tollund Man.

The creation of the gateway will happen in a collaboration across institutions, sectors and traditional ideas of communication. The basic ideas of the project is to show new ways and aspects of communicating the knowledge/information of the museums and search for new ways of establishing collaborations between institutions from different public sectors.

Participants from the three institutions are Christian Fischer, Silkeborg Museum who vouches for the professional contents, Carsten E. Jensen, Amtscentret for Undervisning is in charge of managing the project and the educational aspects of the contents, while Jørgen Høst, Silkeborg Public Library is webmaster and website editor.

Folkebibliotekernes Udviklingspulje, The County of Aarhus and the Town of Silkeborg have supported the project.

About the opening November 8th, 2004

Read more about the project

Download press photo of the Tollund Man

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