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A Virtual Gateway to Information and Educational Material about the Tollund Man and other Famous Bog Bodies in Denmark

The project is the product of a collaboration between Silkeborg Museum, Silkeborg Public Library and Amtscentret for Undervisning, Aarhus Amt.

In addition, the Educational Authorities in Silkeborg, Funder Skole and Silkeborg Seminarium were also involved in the project.


The background for the gateway was to explore the communicative and educational span of the museum by using an interactive and dynamic platform.
The creation of the gateway happened in a collaboration across institutions, sectors and traditional ideas of communication.

The professional starting point was the Tollund Man and other bog bodies in Denmark.

The basic ideas of the project was to show new ways and aspects of communicating the knowledge/information of the museums and search for new ways of establishing collaborations between institutions from different public sectors.

Target Groups

The website was aimed at the educational field, the general public, people from around the world with an interest in the topic as well as tourists.

The External Relations of the Project

The project was a part of the European cultural heritage project: "Neothemi - The New Network of Thematic Museums and Institutes" with participation of ten European countries.
The goal was to create a joint virtual platform for the cultural heritage of Europe.
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Hosting and Maintenance

The website is hosted by Silkeborg Public Library.

Silkeborg Public Library is responsible for hosting the website as well as editing its contents. Silkeborg Museum has the primary responsibilty to ensure the validity of the contents, while the museum and the library have teamed up to handle the editorial maintenance of the website.
Amtscentret for Undervisning has been the project coordinator and professional consultant.
The library is the technical webmaster of the website.

Webdesign and Editors

The website is designed, edited and updated by website editor and webmaster Jørgen Høst, Silkeborg Public Library.
The website editor can be reached by e-mail, by using this form or by using the following information

Silkeborg Bibliotekerne
Hostrupsgade 41 A
DK-8600 Silkeborg

Tlf. +45 87 22 19 56

The articles on the website are based on articles and other texts written by Christian Fischer, Silkeborg Museum.

Adaptation for correct reading level: Carsten E. Jensen, ACU, Århus Amt.

Proof and further adaptation: Cand. mag. Karen Williams, prev. Silkeborg Public Library and Jørgen Høst

Translation: Cand. mag. Karen Williams, prev. Silkeborg Public Library and Tim Williams, BS in Economics

Colour technical guidance: Inge Meldgaard, Silkeborg Public Library

Digitalization and adaptation of video snippets and adaptation of flash sequences: Cand. IT Morten Schuster Andersen, prev. Silkeborg Public Library and Mogens Larsen, Silkeborg Public Library

Illustrations: Niels Bach,, tlf. + 45 27 33 84 16.


The rights to all texts, photos and movies belong to Silkeborg Museum, Silkeborg Public Library and Amtscentret for Undervisning, Aarhus Amt unless otherwise stated. Use of texts and photos is only permitted after an obtained agreement with the above mentioned.

Photos from Lejre Experimental Centre and the movie "People of the Iron Age" and sequences from the movie are used with kind permission by © Lejre Experimental Centre. All rights belong to Lejre Experimental Centre. The movie is for sale on DVD by Lejre Experimental Centre, Slangealléen 2, 4320 Lejre. Tlf. +45 46 48 08 78.

The illustrations from the journal Skalk are used with kind permission by © Skalk. All rights belong to Skalk.

Monitor Resolution

The website was designed for 1024x768 pixels resolution but can be seen by other resolutions as well.


The project was supported by
  • Udviklingspuljen for folke- og skolebiblioteker (Danish National Library Authority)
  • The County of Aarhus
  • The Town of Silkeborg

Project Group

Former City Librarian Peter Birk
Former Head of Development Lars Bornæs
Website editor and librarian Jørgen Høst
Former Curator Christian Fischer
Educational Consultant Carsten E. Jensen, Amtscentret for Undervisning, Aarhus Amt
Educational Consultant Ulla Sørensen, Amtscentret for Undervisning, Aarhus Amt

In addition, the following people was also in involved in the project:
Teacher Christian Sekkelund Nørgaard, Funder Skole
IT - Consultant Lars Bo Nielsen, the Educational Authorities in Silkeborg
Senior Lecturer Charlotte Poulsen, Silkeborg Seminarium

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© 2004 Silkeborg Public Library, Silkeborg Museum and Amtscentret for Undervisning, Aarhus Amt. Editor of the Website