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Visit the Tollund Man at Silkeborg Museum

The Tollund Man

The Tollund Man is on display at Museum Silkeborg. Here you will also find Elling Woman and an impressive exhibition about the Iron Age.

The museum has a back garden where you can buy coffee, tea, beer, water and wine. You can also buy a light meal, a piece of cake, ice cream and chocolate.

The museum is wheelchair friendly.

Silkeborg Museum

The Address of Silkeborg Museum

Museum Silkeborg
Hovedgaardsvej 7
8600 Silkeborg
Phone: (+ 45) 86 82 14 99 (between 10 am and 4 am) Fax: (+ 45) 87 20 51 90

The Website of the Museum

For more information - check out the website for Museum Silkeborg

About the Tollund Man on the website for Museum Silkeborg.

Find your way to the Tollund Man
Find your way to the Tollund Man at Silkeborg Museum. Section of map of Silkeborg. Big picture

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