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The Head

The head is surprisingly well-preserved
The head is surprisingly well-preserved. Big picture

In 1950 when the archaeologists at the Museum of National History finally freed the Tollund Man of the many layers of peat which had covered him for more than 2000 years they found a human face so alive that it appeared as if the man had fallen asleep just a few hours ago.

The look on his face is calm
The look on his face is calm.
Big picture
The head was surprisingly well-preserved. The look on his face is calm and the furrows of his forehead gave him a wise and reflective expression. His hair was short (1-2 centrimetres long). His eyebrows were partly preserved. On his upper lip, chin and cheeks appeared very short but thick stubble. His eyes were closed, his mouth with its well-preserved lips was closed, too. His face was at peace af if he was sleeping quietly.

If we disregard his dark skin and picture him wearing modern day clothes, we would not be surprised to find him working as a doctor, a minister or a bank manager. He comes across as a person who could discharge any type of exigent job.

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The feet

The feet

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Hair and beard
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The body
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Preservation of the Tollund Man
The head was first placed in alcohol which replaced the bog water...

The Tollund Man without his cap on
The Tollund Man without his cap on. Big picture

Like a person sleeping quietly

Like a person sleeping quietly. Big picture

The eyes are closed

The eyes are closed.
Big picture

The lips are well-preserved

The lips are well-preserved.
Big picture

Before preservation

Before preservation.
Big picturee

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