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The Tollund Man's Guest Book

Read previous comments untill November 2006.

After this period the guest book is closed for contributions. The closing is due to the fact that there has been a great deal of unserious contributions, and not much new in the many serious contributions.

Thank you for the fine greatings og contributions!

Navn: amelia Smith (uk)Lørdag d. 7 Oktober - 2006
Kommentar: thank ur website really helped with my home work but why was tollund man hung

Navn: smurphy (england)Lørdag d. 7 Oktober - 2006
Kommentar: this site is really good it has helped me with my history homework

Navn: jacob (england)Mandag d. 2 Oktober - 2006
Kommentar: this website really helped me with my school work

Navn: Sarah O'brien (perth)Mandag d. 28 August - 2006
Kommentar: I absolutely detested the pictures. It made me have no appetite!!!!

Navn: Cameron Telfer (Brisbane)Onsdag d. 9 August - 2006
Kommentar: This site is helpfull to what I am doing in school at this present moment

Navn: Lizzie Heath (Sydney Australia.)Lørdag d. 20 Maj - 2006
Kommentar: Thank you .This site has been so helpful.I've learned so much and I've enjoyed doing my school project.

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