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The Tollund Man's feet on video

Video The Tollund Man's feet
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The Feet

The Tollund Mans right foot
The Tollund Man's right foot
Big picture
The Tollund Man's feet were well-preserved when he was discovered, and were kept in formalin with one of his fingers, so they could be examined later on.

The picture shows the Tollund Man's right foot. His big toe was removed and used for experiments with preservation which is why it's missing.

The right foot
The right foot. Big picture
The feet are big as if they belonged to a man who was taller than the 161 cm the Tollund Man measured when he was found in 1950. On one of the soles of his feet the medical examiners found two scars which proved that the Tollund Man, at least sometimes, walked around barefoot and several times have stepped on sharp stones or thorns. The fact that the toes are slightly pushed together might indicate that he did wear some kind of footwear at other times.

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The right foot
The right foot. Big picture

The feet after they have been reconstructed

The feet after they have been reconstructed. Big picture

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