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Who Discovered the Tollund Man?

Viggo Højgaard
Viggo Højgaard. Big picture
The Tollund Man was discovered by two brothers, Viggo and Emil Højgaard, and Viggo's wife, Grethe Højgaard. With them in the bog was - among others - John Kauslund, Grethe's son from a previous marriage.

At the time John Kauslund was 11 years old and explains that it was his mother who first became aware of something unusual hiding in the bog and managed to dig her way to the Tollund Man.

They came from Tollund - a small group of houses located a few kilometres from the bog, so even though the bog was located in Bjældskovdal, the body was soon known as the Tollund Man.

The photo shows Viggo Højgaard standing by the memorial plaque for the Tollund Man. The plaque reads "This is the site where the Tollund Man was discovered on May 6th, 1950".

Viggo Højgaard and his wife Grethe
Viggo Højgaard and his wife Grethe.
Big picture
This is how it looked at the excavation in the peat bog at Bjældskovdal in May 1950. The Tollund Man had just been discovered. He is lying in the shadows to the right, almost covered by peat and barely visible. The people in the photo are Viggo Højgaard and his wife Grethe, who are waiting to see what might happen next.

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