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When did the Tollund Man Die?

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The Tollund Man lived in the early Iron Age, also called the Celtic Iron Age. Extra large picture.
More illustrations. © Niels Bach
Today the dating is done in an atomic-accelerator
Today the dating is done in an
atomic-accelerator. Big picture
The carbon-14 dating method has been used several times in order to date the Tollund Man thus placing him as one the most precisely dated finds from prehistoric Denmark. The datings were orginally done at the dating laboratory of the National Museum of Denmark in 1977. Years later they were repeated at the University of Aarhus and repeated for a third time in Groningen, Holland.

The datings reveal that he must have died 4-300 years B.C. In other words immediately after the end of the Bronze Age in Denmark.

[An elaborate and impressive timeline which shows the Tollund Man's place in history is currently being preprared].

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