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A festive reception at Silkeborg Museum November 8th, 2004 marked the opening of the website on the Internet, and both the website and the project were presented to the public in due form. At the same event the attendees were able to take a closer look at the real Tollund Man who is on display at the museum.

Chairman of Cultural Affairs Committee Jørn Rye Rasmussen
Chairman of Cultural Affairs Committee Jørn Rye Ras-
mussen opened
You also had the opportunity to meet grown-ups and children dressed in clothes similar to what people wore during the Iron Age, serving "The Tollund Man's last meal", a kind of porridge like our great-great-great...grandmother used to make it.

Approximately 100 people came to the reception to hear and witness the presentation of the project and the website.

Curator Christian Fischer welcomed and introduced Chairman of Cultural Affairs Committee Jørn Rye Rasmussen who opened the website officially with one click on the screen. In his comment about the website Jørn Rye Rasmussen noticed that it seemed like there was no end to the things the Tollund Man had to go through. Now he is no longer simply known as "The Tollund Man", but as "www-dot-tollundmanden-dot-dk", as the Chairman pointed out.

Educational Consultant Carsten E. Jensen described the background for the project, and suggested the initiation of other similar projects - for example about Hjejlen - the oldest functioning paddle steamer in the world.

After this the website editor and webmaster Jørgen Høst presented the website and gave an introduction to the information you can find on the website. He also described his work with the website, the background for the project, and he gave thanks to the sponsors and the many people who had contributed to the website.

Chairman of Cultural Affairs Committee Jørn Rye Rasmussen
Jørn Rye Rasmussen opened the website with one
click on the screen.
During the break the audience had the opportunity to taste the Tollund Man's last meal, a "delicious" porridge from the Iron Age which had been prepared over open fire on the lawn of the museum. To go with the porridge the museum offered mead - alternatively you could have a piece of chocolate cake and water. The audience could also take a closer look at the people dressed in clothes similar to what people wore during the Iron Age, among them were children from the museum's children's club, The Hugin and Munin Club.

The reception ended next to the display case holding the Tollund Man where Christian Fischer gave the audience information about the old man's life and history.

Among the audience were the two classes from Funder Skole, who were going to participate in the workshop for creative writing in collaboration with the author of various children's books, Sally Altschuler. You could also meet all the representatives from the Cultural Affairs Committee, representatives from the Town of Silkeborg, the County of Aarhus, Silkeborg Public Library, Amtscentret for Undervisning, Silkeborg Museum, Local History Archives and more - not to mention other people who had found their way to the museum and the reception.

Midtjyllands Avis and TV2 Østjylland witnessed the events, and the students from Funder Skole competed to be interviewed and get on TV - they were all very nice and positive. The general comment from the students was that they really liked the video snippets on the website so you didn't have to read all the texts on the website if your reading skills weren't very good, for example.

By and large the students thought it was great that they were able to find all the information about the Tollund Man on the Internet so they didn't have to borrow books in order to find more information about him. They were looking forward to learning more about the Tollund Man and to work with the topic during the workshop for creative writing with writer Sally Altschuler.

Video The Tollund Man in Cyberspace [Video - 2.18 minutes]

Here is the story the local tv-station, TV2 Østjylland, broadcasted on November 8th, 2005.

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